1997 Yamaha SR250 “Kokon”

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1997 Yamaha SR250 “Kokon”


21LS model, only 9000kms.

Standard frame, swingarm and front forks, frame looped and de-tabbed.

Spoke wheels with new spokes, 19″ front, 18″ rear.

Standard brakes, new steelbraided hose, pads and shoes, renewed caliper.

YSS rear shocks, progressive fork springs, chrome fenders.

Engine – standard, single cylinder 239 ccm, 20HP.

Gas tank renewed and inside protected, semi gloss paint finish.

Mikuni carburettor fully overhauled, new gasket, rejjeted.

UNI open air filter, short cone open exhaust.

Li-Ion battery positioned under the swingarm.

RBC genuine leather seat, diamond stitching.

Biltwell grips, TRW low handlebar, LSL Six days headlight, homologated.

Mini LED blinkers with suitable relay, homologated.

Rubber – rear Heidenau 110×18, front Heidenau 100×19.


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